Should I turn up the heat in the whole house or just use a space heater near you?

Should I turn up the heat in the whole house or just use a space heater near you?

usually an electric heater not cost saving compared to natural gas one and that is the reason it commonly used as whole home heating option. The space heater might be a good way to warm the temperature in a small, low ceiling room-and and might be less expensive than turning your central heating system.

You need to be aware that space heater can only be economical if it consumes less watt and what is the square feet it can heat. you need to keep an eye on increase in the electrical cost for the month and compare with thermos used on the gas on the similar cold month on previous years. Running a electric heater for more hours might not be cost effective if you move from room to room.

It will be good idea to use a space heater if you want to warm a closed space and for few hours only. while buying the space heater usually good idea to go through reviews or recall and may be opt for a whole room heating compared to heating a specific spot.

There are other alternative ways that you can use to keep your heating reduced in winter. For example, keep your blinds open to let sun warm the room naturally. You can also lower your thermostat by a few degrees at night or better use a nest thermostat which automatically maintains the temperature based upon usage habits. Every degree that is kept less can reduce heating costs by about certain percentage a month. Setting your thermostat couple degrees lower than the usual daytime temperature, which could save a big percentage off your heating bill.

Take extreme caution on the space heaters and don’t leave space heaters unattended for long periods of time or overnight because they as they can cause fire hazard.