at &t will increase the data cap home internet customer

We’re streaming, downloading and uploading more data-rich entertainment than ever. To address this trend, we announced in May a new unlimited data option and also increased our data allowances for AT&T U-verse® Internet customers.

Today ATT announced more good news. Starting Aug. 21, we’re increasing home internet data allowances for two customer groups again so you can do even more online.

First, AT&T U-verse Internet customers on plans with speed tiers up to and including 300 megabits per second will see a monthly allowance of 1 terabyte (TB) of data. What does this mean? For customers with internet speeds below 12Mbps, this triples their current amount of data; for customers with internet speeds ranging from 12Mbps to 75Mbps, this nearly doubles their current allowance. For context, 1TB of data per month is enough for up to 400 hours of HD video streaming per month (or more than 13 hours per day!).

Second, AT&T GigaPower customers subscribing to the 1 gigabit per second (Gbps) speed tier now will receive unlimited home internet data.1

Unlimited data choices

If you have AT&T U-verse Internet and DIRECTV® or U-verse TV service andpay for your services on a single bill, or if you subscribe to the 1Gbps speed tier on the AT&T GigaPower network, you will automatically get unlimited home internet data at no additional charge. That’s a value worth $30 a month.

Think you’ll go over and just don’t want to worry about it or don’t have TV with AT&T? Sign up for unlimited home internet data for $30 more a month.

And we know things can change. If you ever decide to switch to unlimited home internet data or add TV service, you’ll be able to do that immediately – even in the middle of your billing cycle.

Determining what’s right for you

To help you decide which option is right for you, visit You can estimate, monitor and manage your data usage. You’ll also find tools, like a data calculator. You can quickly estimate how much data you might use in the future. You can also visit our online portal at to check your current usage anytime you want.

If you don’t have unlimited home internet data, you’ll receive multiple notices as you approach your data allowance at any point during the billing cycle. Once you exceed your allowance you’ll receive increments of 50 GB of additional data for $10 each.

Starting Aug. 1, ATT notify U-verse internet customers via their monthly statement, email and online tools about this increase and unlimited internet data options.

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