what is a school zone?

School District Map & Zones
What is my zoned school?
Click here to locate your zoned school. If your have any questions, please call or email the Department of Student Relations at 404.802.2233 or Facility Services at 404-802-3731. 
To locate your bus route, please click the following link: BUS ROUTES
How are school zones determined?
The official zone boundary for each elementary, middle, and high school is established by the Atlanta Board of Education.Administrative Regulation AD-R(1) School Attendance Areas.  
Students are to attend the school in the zone in which is located the bona fide residence of their parents/legal guardians unless they have administrative approval to enroll elsewhere (Student Relations – 404-802-2233). A student’s school attendance zone is determined by the bona fide primary residence of the custodial parent/legal guardian based on the annual completion of a  general affidavit and verification of proof of residence.
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